The Asia-Pacific Urogynecology Association


Winners of the APUGA Best Video Award 2023

Congratulations to DR. So-Jung Liang and DR. Tsia-Shu Lo for Winning the APUGA Best Video Award 2023

The Asia-Pacific Urogynecology Association (APUGA) is pleased to announce the winners of the APUGA Best Video Award 2023.

A total of 7 outstanding urogynecoloy videos participated in the competition. Two winners were selected by APUGA scientific committee. Each winner will receive a certificate of merit and award prizes of USD 500.

This year’s winners are DR. So-Jung Liang and DR. Tsia-Shu Lo.

Sincere congratulation to the winners for their truly amazing efforts and achievements!

A heartfelt thank you to all nominees for this year’s Best Video Award in celebrating the remarkable achievement in the urogynecology field. This event would not be a success without all the participants who made it a unique celebration of our progress and commitment to urogynecology research.


APUGA Best Paper Award Committee


List of submitted videos for APUGA Best Video Award 2023

DR. So-Jung Liang 梁守蓉 (Taiwan)

Laparoscopic pectopexy with AbsorbaTack

DR. Tsia-Shu Lo 盧佳序 (Taiwan)

Sacrospinous hysteropexy with anterior posterior fixation (SSH-AP): “Balancing support” to improve surgical outcome in advanced prolapse surgery

DR. Wei-Ting Chao趙偉廷 (Taiwan)

Transvaginal NOTEs high uterosacral ligament suspension

DR. Wu Chiao Hsieh 謝武橋 (Taiwan)

Application of 3D ultrasound in detecting bladder lesion

DR. Huann-Cheng Horng 洪煥程 (Taiwan)

Tips of Solyx

DR. Lan- Sin Jhang 張藍心 (Taiwan)


DR. Yeu-Chai Jang 張宇琪 (Taiwan)

 The application of PRP with adjustable tip needle for urological condition